Database Overview

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VLXE Blend supports two database formats:

SQL Server Compact 4.0

SQL Server 2005 or newer


SQL Server Compact 4.0

This is the default option and is aimed at users that only use local databases. No extra installation database installation is needed. And connecting to the database is relative simple.

Note this option is new in VLXE Blend


SQL Server 2005 or newer

This is for users migrating from older versions of VLXE that only uses local databases.

It is also for users that uses remove and/or shared databases.



VLXE Blend support the use of 2 databases:

Local database

Company-wide database


This allows a company with more than one VLXE Blend user to maintain a company wide database that only a few users is allowed

to change. At the same time users can have there local database where they can make any kind of changes.


Local database

This is a database that only the local VLXE Blend user can access. This means that any changes will only affect this user.


Company-wide Database

This is a database that is available to all VLXE Blend users. However only a selected few can make changes to it.

This allows a company to buildup and make easily available a parameter database.