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The VLXE add-in is written in C# and enables the user to access the all the calculations routine in VLXE Blend.


Note that the user does not have access to the code. If you need information, you can tie your own VBA code with add-in. Please contact VLXE and we will provide you information so that you can get your code to run.


How to install


First you have to make sure that you windows version is fully updated. In order to run the add-in you must have:

Excel 2003 installed

The latest version of the .Net runtime installed. To check if you already have it: The path is: “C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework” and there has to be a folder named: “v2.0.50727”. If you don't have the latest version of .Net runtime installed, you can download it here:

This Microsoft update to Office 2003 must be installed: Update for Office 2003 (KB907417). It can be downloaded here:

Follow these steps to install the add-in:

#1 Download the zipfile VLXE - Com add-in for from the homepage

#2 Unzip the files to a folder on your hard drive

#3 Run the file Setup.exe. This will install a update to the Microsoft .Net framework and the add-in.

#4 Start Excel and a new menu is present called VLXE(Trial version). A new commandbar is also present that gives a shortcut to the most used functions inside the Add-in.

#5 Select Tools/Add-in and click on Automated. Scroll down to VLXE.Functions and clock OK.


If Excel ask if you want to overwrite a already existing "VLXE.Functions" click OK. See screen dump below:

Overwrite VLXE-Functions




If Excel ask you that if can't find "mscoree.dll" Delete from List? Select No. See screen dump below:


Remove Mscoree



The required files are:

VLXE2003.dll: COM add-in file

BaseCalc.dll: Does all the calculations

FoME.dll: Window that lets the user edit the parameters used

DB_Forms.dll: Holds all the open windows and handle all files

lsapiw32.dll: Used by the license manager. It has to be installed into the same directory as Excel.exe

VLXE - Excel 2003 COM add-in.chm: Help file