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The wizards helps the user to use the functions inside the Add-in. It involves 3 steps

#1 Select type of calculation

#2 Define the input

#3 define the output.


The wizard then prepares the needed cells, color codes them, write the in- and out-put and call the function.


The content of the wizard depends on the mixture, below is given screen dumps for a system with 2 solvents.


Click on Wizard(Calc) to open the window:



I select Flash and click Next


Now I have to define the Flash calculation that I want:


I select Temperature /Phase fraction and click on Next.

Now I have to select the output format. 2 formats are possible:

#1 Function output. The user has to define all the output

#2 Range output. The output is a range of cells where most of the output is fixed by the software:



I select Function and click on Next

Now I have to select the output that I want. The software lets me chose between a number of Intensive variables and a number of extensive variables for each phase, the feed and the system.

The software will pre-check some default items. I add enthalpy for each phase:




By selecting OK the wizard prepares the needed cells starting with the selected cell: