VLXE Blend

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The Excel add-in is designed to give access to the calculations and databases in VLXE Blend from within Excel.


All that is needed is to install the required files, database files and load the Excel add-in and you are ready to go.

The databases are the same as the one used in the full version of VLXE and can be placed on a server.


Below is shown an example of output. A flash calculations was perform and the output is given in 2D format.

Example - Water + Acetone




In addition to these files the database files are also needed. If VLXE is already installed on your current system just use the existing databases.


The add-in allows you to define a new project by:

Define a new system by typing the numbers manually

Load an existing VLXE XML file into Excel. (Note only version 3.4 and higher of VLXE support this function)

Use the database to define a new system


The add-in allows you to perform several types of calculations by using function calls

VLE, LLE, VLLE flash calculations

VLE, LLE cloud point calculations

Txy/Pxy curves

Phase envelope related calculations

Spinodal/critical points

SLE calculations

Fit pure component parameters

Fit binary parameters (kij's)

Generate distributions of pseudo components


Link calculations in order to perform simulation of a part of a plant