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This argument defined the units used in the calculation. By using this argument there will never be any doubt regarding which units were used in the calculation.

The argument is like a very simple script that the user can give or better use the wizard to provide.

The format if the script is like this:

C(In,Massfraction);C(Out,Massfraction);T(In,Kelvin);T(Out,Kelvin);P(In,Bar);P(Out,Bar);H(In,kJ/Kg);H(Out,kJ/Kg);S(In,kJ/(Kg Kelvin));S(Out,kJ/(Kg Kelvin));Viscosity(In,Poise);Viscosity(Out,Poise);SurfaceTension(In,N/m);SurfaceTension(Out,N/m)


Each unit entry is give like C(In, Massfraction) and are separated by a ";". Each entry has 3 parts:

1.The first part, here "C", gives the type of units. C is short for composition.

2.The second part gives if it applies to input or output units. If it is input write "In" and if it is output write "Out".

3.The last part gives the value of the units.


The user can create the string or change it but a wizard called Wizard(units) is provided and it is recommended to use it to protect from errors in the input.


Note that in some functions this argument is optional for historical reasons. This will be changed in the future so is must be given in all function calls. So please prepare your sheets now.